Microvec Releases the Most Affordable PIV Laser at 19,950 USD

SINGAPORE – Microvec, a developer of analytical systems used in fluid mechanics, has released the most affordable PIV laser system available. This new double pulse laser is being manufactured by Microvec sp. z o.o. in their Poland factory.

Mr. Wojciech Majewski, Managing Director of Microvec, explains the rationale for offering this new model: “For many years PIV lasers have been prohibitively expensive and often out of reach for many researchers, denying them the possibility to conduct valuable experiments. We hope that this affordable laser will open new doors and offer many more academic institutions a chance to buy the lasers they need to conduct experimental research in fluid mechanics.” He adds, “This is only one of the three PIV lasers models designed and manufactured by Microvec in Poland, all three of them offering a moderate price level.”

The laser is designed by Microvec Poland’s engineering team, who have over 20 years of experience in designing flash lamp Q-switched lasers. At the price of 19,950 USD, the user gets a modern dual cavity, double pulse Nd:YAG laser with 60 mJ pulse energy and 25 Hz per cavity with excellent features. These features include a pulse length of 7 to 10 ns, divergence of less than 3 degrees and pulse stability below 2%. The laser comes with a touch screen remote control for easy operation and optional light sheet optics.

The laser can be matched with modern CCD or CMOS cameras operating with 50 fps or more and in combination with a PIV system, allowing the capture of 25 instantaneous velocity fields per second.

About Microvec

Microvec Pte. Ltd. has offered various complete Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) systems since 2002. The company has been developing proprietary PIV Technology and has been constantly improving and implementing new techniques and algorithms based on the latest research in the field. Microvec has teamed up with some of the leading researchers worldwide to add their input to Microvec products and to gain access to the most advanced and innovative research. Microvec introduced the world’s first commercial PIV software capable of instantaneous pressure reconstruction and one of the most advanced algorithms in Tomographic PIV – Intensity Enhanced MART. Recently, Microvec has also developed AI PIV software, offering high spatial resolution beyond the limits of interrogation windows and capable of obtaining dense velocity fields with down to one vector per pixel.

Microvec Sp. z o.o., located in Pińczów, Poland was created through the acquisition and relocation of LLE Jena GmbH, a manufacturer of lasers from Germany. It manufactures pulse lasers for education, research, and industrial applications. It also provides local support for Microvec PIV products in the EMEA region. The company consists of scientists, senior engineers, and key consultants with many years of experience in optical instrumentation, laser system design/engineering, and laser manufacturing.

For more information, please visit www.piv.com.sg and www.microvec.com