Time Resolved PIV

Time Resolved PIV (TRPIV) technology capture images at a high speed of hundreds of frames per second or more. Recorded image pairs are subsequently cross-correlated to extract velocity information from these high speed recordings.

MicroVec TRPIV system consists of continuous laser and optics to generate a laser sheet, high-speed digital CMOS cameras with frame grabbers to capture images of particles illuminated by the laser sheet, and MicroVec acquisition and processing software to save the images and calculate vector fields.

Standard Components

  • High frequency PIV laser or
  • DPSS Laser: 1W, 2W, 5W, 8W, 10W
  • High Speed (Time Resolved) Cameras up to 285kHz
  • Synchronizer: 7 Channel TTL Control, 0.25ns Jitter, USB Controlled
  • MicroCap PIV Image Capture Module & 2D High Precision Microvec Software


  • Wind tunnels
  • Water tunnels
  • Aerospace and Astronautics
  • Compressors, turbines, fans, pumps, sprays
  • Micro electromechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Chemical Mixing Equipment


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