Beamtech Optronics VLite PIV Lasers

Vlite series Nd:YAG dual cavity, pulsed lasers have been designed especially for PIV applications. They can be used in turbulent flow fields, jet aircraft performance analysis, combustion field research and other high-speed flow field experiments. Vlite Series PIV laser optical cavity produces output of up to 500mJ energy pulse repetition frequency up to 15HZ, with 532nm wavelength. Each of the optical cavities of the laser head can be individually triggered or precisely synchronized with the external MicroVec synchronizer. Vlite Series PIV lasers offer state-of-the-art laser technology, excellent beam quality, reliable optical stability and after-sales service.

Vlite series PIV lasers have an integrated laser guide arm system and factory installed and sealed light optics sheet. This ensures optimal alignment of optical sheet and prevents contamination of the optical path.

Main Features:

  • Output energy: 135mJ, 200mJ, 380mJ, 500mJ optional
  • Frequency continuously adjustable: 0-15Hz
  • Compact, efficient and stable design
  • High beam combination stability of two cavities
  • Ultra-uniform beam profile
  • Jitter<1ns, high measurement accuracy
  • Compatible with a variety of PIV systems


532 nm
Repetition Rate0-15 Hz0-15 Hz0-10 Hz0-10 Hz1500 Hz
Pulse Energy135 Mj200 mJ380 mJ500 mJ100 mJ30 mJ
Energy Stability1 (RMS)≤1%≤1%≤2%≤2%<3%<3%
Beam Diameter26±1 mm6±1 mm9 mm9 mm7 mm6 mm
Pulse Duration36-8 ns5-8 ns6-9 ns6-9 ns<12 ns<15 ns
Jitter4 (RMS)
<1 ns
Divergence5≤3 mrad≤3 mrad≤1 mrad≤1 mrad<3 mrad<3 mrad
Pointing Stability
Near Field Beam Profile
Flat-top, Uniform
Spectral Purity
Air to water
Electrical Service
Power Consumption650 W650 W1600 W1600 W
Umbilical Length
3 m
Light Arm (Optional)
7 Joints ,1.8m

* Note: Specifications subject to change without notice, 1  100% Pulse to Pulse energy stability measured over 1 hour, 2  Measured at the laser output, 3  Full width half max (FWHM), 4  With respect to external trigger, 5  Full angle measured at 1/e2 of the peak