Microvec, one of the leaders in the field of fluid mechanics, is adding a new Laser Doppler Velocimeter (LDV) model to its lineup: the miniLDV G5B. This new model is the 5th Generation LDV system coming from Measurement Science Enterprise, Inc. (MSE). Developed for subsonic flow monitoring of wind and water tunnels, the G5B model is designed to be easily integrated into a flow tunnel set-up and provide accurate flow speed monitoring, mean, and turbulence intensity.

MSE has been on the forefront of technological innovation in fluid dynamics for many years and this new model further reinforces its technological leadership. MSE is in constant collaboration with the scientists at Caltech and JPL. Its customers include universities, research institutions, governments, and industries. Two configurations will be offered: with the first having 100 mm standoff distance in air and a speed range up to 60 m/s, and the second one having 300 mm standoff distance and a speed range of up to 120 m/s.



“The G5B model can be used in wind and water tunnels to calibrate their own devices, verify their tunnel flow speed” said Katy Ruby, CEO of MSE. “In addition, NIST traceable calibration will be offered to lend authority to the calibration and accuracy of the measurements.”

The G5B is ideal for calibrating anemometers for meteorological stations. Available with a 100 mm standoff or 300 mm standoff, the G5B is delivered in a durable Pelican case for safe transportation to multiple tunnels, and for safe storage of the sensor when not in use.