PIV Hemodynamics

Experimental study on the steady flow in the carotid siphon – the geometric effect on the hemodynamics
Chi ZHANG; Shuyu LI; Fang PU; Xiaoyan DENG; Yubo FAN; Deyu LI
Beihang University, Beijing
Sheng XIE
Peking University First Hospital, Beijing

The siphon bend of internal carotid artery (ICA) has been reported as the most preferred location for stenoses. The geometry of the siphon is considered to be associated with the atherosclerotic stenosis. In the present study 3 siphon models with different curvature and planarity were experimentally studied with PIV. The velocity field of the experimental fluid in the models was measured to simulate the steady blood flow in the ICA siphon.

MicroVec 2D PIV system was used with 150mJ double pulse laser, 4 megapixel CCD camera and MicroPulse 725 synchronizer.

The Geometric Configuration of the ICA Models.

The Computational Results of the Velocity Vector Field in the ICA Models